Most couples who have been together for some time get in a rut with the way they relate to each other. So that even if things started off really good, the feelings can deteriorate if they don't both learn some vital communication skills and attitudes that enhance what they have together.

I see the couple together and each separately because sometimes there are issues that are easier for each person to talk openly about when their partner is not there. Hopefully, the therapy will make it easier for them to be more honest and for their partner to hear them better and not overreact to things they may need to think about and learn from.

Couples often want to be seen weekends and evenings. These are my busiest times and reserved for anyone who pays out-of-pocket. My fees are standard at $90. a session (50 minute session, sometimes a little longer for the first session).

You would need to be able to come on a week day (hours are 10:30-5:30 with 5:30 being the last appointment time). If you are planning you use insurance, you need to let me know what your insurance is so I can tell you if it is one I am connected with and then you would need to call the company and get an authorization (or see if you need one). You also need to check if you have a deductible and what they is and if it's been met. If not, you would owe that. You also need to check co-pays or co-insurance and what that is. I need the following information from you:

  • ID (with any letters that are a prefix)
  • Your SS #
  • Birthdate
  • Address and employer name
  • Group #
  • Where claims go (usually on back of card) and phone # for providers

  • If you cannot come in during a week day, I have a colleague who is very good who is taking new clients. Let me know and I will have her contact you.

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